Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artomatic begins!!!

Artomatic opened on Friday, May 29th. Lots of people, great shows, delicious food. So if you are in DC stop by and have fun. Don't forget to stop by my display on the 5th floor, area 3.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Apples #2

Three Apples #2

10" x 10"


This size is great... not too large and not too small. Can finish in a day. I'm learning alot from using the complimentary colors together. The highlights are a mix of this turquoise and alizarin. Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Apples # 1

Three Apples #1

10" x 10"


This turquoise bowl is Mallo-Ware. Growing up we had a set of these dishes. It brings back great memories from my childhood. I just love complimentary colors, the contrast of the green and red. It was fun putting the light reflections on these apples. Stay tuned... I'm sure I will paint more of these.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Pears 1

This 10" x 10" oil painting is one of my artworks for Artomatic. I painted 4 pieces that can be grouped together in a square or hung individually. I love the complimentary colors and the way the pears fill the canvas. It's vibrant and exciting. The loose brushstrokes add to that also. Lately my compositions have been looking down on my subjects. Since I'm tall this perspective is nothing new to me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Set up Artomatic

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the Artomatic 2009 venue on M St, SE Washington, DC to set up my space. We had to paint and put up lights. As you can see i'm ready to install the artwork. That will be next week since I'm still painting . If you are not familiar with Artomatic, you need to get there this year! Before the building is rented Artomatic comes in and lets over 1000 artists and performers show their stuff! Displays are set up for 2-D artists and there are two stages for performing groups, plus food and drinks. May 29 - July 5, Wednesday thru Sunday, open late on weekends. There are 9 floors this year! (I'm on the 5th floor) Take the Metro to Navy Yard. Free.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pig timer

This is a 4" x 4" oil painting of another timer I have. Don't you just love his expression? I would love to do a series of them but I only have two. Oh, I have to go shopping!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chef Timer

I have this timer sitting in my kitchen staring at me when I'm cooking. He is so cute! I had to paint him. It is 4" x 4". He has this quizical look that's asking "Are you sure you want to serve that?" And I say "Yes!" I'm a pretty good cook. Only a few disasters. Like the time I forgot I was cooking meatloaf and didn't remember till the next morning!!!! I was extremely busy. We were moving the next day and I thought leftover meatloaf would make great sandwiches. Went to get hubby at train station, stopped for dinner, walking upstairs to apartment and smelled this wonderful smell. Said I guess our neighbor is cooking. Woke up next morning still smelling this wonderful smell and FINALLY I realized it was my meatloaf. It was shriveled, looked like a piece of coal. We were very lucky there wasn't a fire. Well that's my dumb blond story and I wasn't even a blond then!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My tools

Metal cans are wonderful to paint. All the reflections show up. I was weaing a blue shirt when I painted this. I love the abstract designs. There's another idea for a large canvas-just paint the reflections. Pringle cans are great for long brushes too. But that can also lead to an unscheduled trip to the kitchen. You can tell I'm a collector, my small studio (a spare bedroom) is jam packed with props, containers, and of course my finished works. I'm always saving something just in case I want to paint it. I get ideas just as I'm going to sleep so it's nice to have things stashed away.

Monday, May 11, 2009

just relaxin'

Today is the day for a new beginning. I have been thinking of doing this blog for a few months. No more procrastinating and no more relaxin'. I'll post my small and sometime large oil paintings, give a few comments and see who comes to visit. I love to paint everyday objects. Painting small doesn't take much time but getting into the studio is challenging. Making it a habit, like going to the gym, is the key. But I would much rather be painting than working out!!!
This 5" x 7" gem is a ceramic mug given to me by a friend who moved to Arizona. (Thanks Suzie!) So I'm off to paint another little gem.
See you tomorrow!