Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chef Timer

I have this timer sitting in my kitchen staring at me when I'm cooking. He is so cute! I had to paint him. It is 4" x 4". He has this quizical look that's asking "Are you sure you want to serve that?" And I say "Yes!" I'm a pretty good cook. Only a few disasters. Like the time I forgot I was cooking meatloaf and didn't remember till the next morning!!!! I was extremely busy. We were moving the next day and I thought leftover meatloaf would make great sandwiches. Went to get hubby at train station, stopped for dinner, walking upstairs to apartment and smelled this wonderful smell. Said I guess our neighbor is cooking. Woke up next morning still smelling this wonderful smell and FINALLY I realized it was my meatloaf. It was shriveled, looked like a piece of coal. We were very lucky there wasn't a fire. Well that's my dumb blond story and I wasn't even a blond then!!!

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