Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DSFDF Challenge

Farmer's Market

12" x 9"


Another challenge from Different Strokes from Different Folks - Farmer's Market Vegetables. I loved doing this one. Yes, it was a challenge getting the shadows on the vegies just right. Looking at it in this picture I think I might need to go back and adjust a few things. Tomatoes are my favorite summer vegie... gazpacho, tomato tart, brushetta, caprese. Oh, i can't forget New Jersey corn either!


  1. Very nice Mer... I also like the way that you filled up the whole canvas with the subject...nice blog! -DB

  2. Nice work on the DSDF challenge. I'm a northern neighbor (although I used to live in DC, and then Gaithersburg). Congrats on being in Artomatic. Liz