Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chocolate Layer Cake


Oil, 6" x 6", $75
Yummy, yummy, yummy!! You can bet I finished all of this when I was finished painting! This is a challenge from Calypso Moon Artist Movement. You could paint any food but it had to be bad for you and delicious. This won out for me. What can be better than two kinds of chocolate, dark and milk?


  1. I agree.. chocolate and chocolate. What is drizzled on the top? melted ice cream? or just straight on cream... inquiring minds...

    Lovely work...and the painting is great too. ;-)

  2. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...now you are hitting my true weak spot. This looks positively decadent, and I want a piece!!! I love the red and white checked tablecloth, and the way it sets off the brown deliciousness of the chocolate.

  3. 6 or 7 layers of chocolate?Waouh...
    Funny, this spoon still full.Is it too much?
    Your tablecloth is vivid, and !i like the plate too.
    Good painting!

  4. That is vanilla sauce drizzled on top.

  5. That is a seriously rich looking dessert. The colors and textures are very chocolaty, and the layers make a nice design.

  6. You are a decadent eater after my own heart Marian! Chocolate is absolutely my favorite cake, ice cream, candy or any decadent eating flavor! I think you expressed your focus on your love for it very successfully because you got the perspective nicely and the rendering as well. I wonder if it was a part of your plan to exaggerate that because the rest of the painting seem to have a flatness to it compared to the dessert! In that case I get it!

  7. Yes, i can see the flatness now but not when i was painting it. i was focused on getting the squares of the tablecloth perfect. I think i'll go back and add some different value. Thanks for the critique.

  8. Hello Marian, I want to thank you for jumping into the group and giving me 100%. Your composition is well balanced and exciting visually. I am engaged in this painting by believing that this really is my fork. That red/white tablecloth has that cool American 50's feel. I had to adjust your image just slightly on my blog in terms of contrast. I think that may one of the reasons why parts of your painting appear to be flat.

  9. Hi, Marian, here is the rest of my critique, which probably stayed in my sleeve...
    We have a diving perspective, since the upper part of the cake is visible.
    The cake's ascending lines lead diagonally the eye from the low left side to the upper right side.Then it is drawn to the 1st morsel down on the right, then to the full fork, and to the last crumb.I noticed the funny empty space between the main 2 objects; it looks like cutlery!
    I was wondering about the shape of the plate, because even if the inside is curved, the 2 edges go perpendicularly to an angle, hidden by the edge of the cake, on the left. Maybe it was due to the photograph.
    Anyway, it is a nice painting, and this cake should be good!

  10. Oh, yeah, it made my mouth water!